EXIT 42 off of Interstate 64/77

The US Interstate Signs 64 and 77

Represent Exit # 42 at Mac Arthur Interchange.
The First Step is to begin traveling South on WV Rt. # 16 Toward Sophia.

Circle Right in the Off Ramp towards
16 South >
 Toward Sophia, WV

Pass Bub's Yamaha and Polaris  and the MacArthur Wal-Mart Stoplight. 

Travel to the next Stoplight where Electro Quip is on the Right and the Little General Exxon is on the left.

Travel through this light.

Migrate to the left turn lane
just as you pass the light and turn left up Midway Road.

At the top of the hill on the left side of the road is a brick home with 4 garage doors on the front and the Everett Lilly Mountaineers Bus is parked.

Immediately - To your left 

Turn to your left just past the end garage door - down Pemberton Road.

We are 1 mile exactly down this road on the right side - a Black and White Brick.

Look for the 

"Preventative Maintenance Specialists" 

304 581-4051     
Leave your message only.

We do not work on demand -
these days are a hobby now.



Preventative Maintenance Specialists

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